german Beginning in 1987
Numerous study tours through northern and southern Europe

Since 1987
Has lived and worked as an independent artist in Hamburg

Over a hundret solo exhibitions to date, including shows in
Dortmund, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hamburg, Kiel,
Luxembourg, Munich, Plön, Saarbrücken and Wuppertal

Collaboration and illustrations for the theater, cabaret,
and various publications
1993 - 1995
Artistic accompaniment to the film "Mario and the Magician"
Dircted by and starring Klaus Maria Brandauer.
(Produced by PROVOBIS / Jürgen Haase)

Beginning in 1996
Collaboration with CIRCUS RONCALLI und Bernard Paul,
with exhibitions during their appearances in Hamburg,
München, Moers, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Hanover, Berlin ...

Prize for art awarded by the artists' club "Die Insel" ( Hamburg )

since 2002
Exclusive galery COMMETER

His works are found in many private
collections both in Germany and abroad.

Painting and works of graphik art by Peter Grochmann
can always be found in the following galleries:

Galerie Commeter, Hamburg
Galerie Elwert, Baden Baden
Galerie am Hubertus Platz, Willich